18 October 2010

Wednesday Wishlist :: Week One

As mentioned previously, every week I am going to share with you some of the items from Etsy I'm currently lusting after! Starting this feature, Wednesday Wishlist, with a bang...

Check out these ten pieces
I'd dieee to have (in no fancy order)...

This artist's work is truly captivating! Each piece makes me want to dress up and attend a fancy ball or rock out in some steampunk attire!

"Maddie" by Romantic Garden won my heart, although this piece was a close second. I ADORE the asymmetrical style and simple & dainty colors!

This "Ceremony Necklace in Blue and Hot Pink" by Thief & Bandit has such a unique design. I've really been into fabric jewelry recently, and this shop is full of braided headbands, bracelets, and more!

This "Mermaid Pinup Posable Paper Doll" by Illustrated Ink is fantastic (along with this piece). It combines three great things (1) a some-what "adult" theme - pinup, which I ADORE, (2) childhood fun - paper dolls, and (3) mermaid - which is my favorite! I actually have a tattoo of a pinup mermaid on my ribcage :)

"Hope Fibre Art Necklace" by LoveandDream is so fun! Purple is my favorite color, and grey seems to fit for the upcoming winter months! Again, I'm really into fabric jewelry right now (see number three).

"Poison Apple" from Mud. Need I explain? I mean, comon', who wouldn't love a stone poisoned apple?! :)

This "Sun Ripened Tomato Sea Salt" by Salt House No7 would be ever so tasty on top a Caprese salad or over some homemade bruschetta!! The espresso blend was a close second (I am an espresso addict). When I came across this artist, I was just thrilled to see something different from anything else I've seen on Etsy. Plus, I always prefer salty over sweet :)

"Luna" by Yeevon has so much detail; I could stare it this print for hours. I love the artist's style, all the little dots and lines. I can't even imagine how long each piece must take, and how steady her hands must be!

"A Touch of Nature Bracelet" by Sweet Findings 4 You is an elegant and statement piece all in one. I love the boldness of the brass leaf pairs well with the soft olive pearls. For this artist, I had two close seconds: this twig bracelet and this busy orange blossom piece.

"Specimen 6: Barn Mouse/Frog/Sea Flora on old botany book pages" by WonderCabinet is so fascinating. The screen printed design of the animal hybrid is thought provoking and it's perfect set on an old science book background. Such an original idea!

And there you have it... the ten things I'm currently lusting after. Be a doll and buy one for me? :) Now it's your turn: Which items are you lusting after right now? What are your favorite items from the shops I listed?

xox ~ Margaret


  1. Wow - so lovely! That first listing is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful, neat idea to post your wish list too! I may have to try that one day.

  3. What a great lust list! I love the leather mask.

  4. Gorgeous choices! One day I will own a Tom Banwell mask, oh yesh. *drool*

  5. That "A Touch of Nature" bracelet is my favorite! Great list! :)