15 October 2010

Artist Interview :: HeavenBakedSweets

001. Tell me about yourself: What’s your name? Where do you live? Do you have a family or any pets? What is unique or special about you? Katie Carter. Hemet, California (southern California).

002. Tell me what you create: What type of art do you do? How did you get into this type? How long have you been crafting? Where do you get your inspiration? What makes your art stand out from others? Is this your full-time job or just a hobby? I have a talent for cooking and baking. I also sew, and hand embroider. I can cross-stitch & crochet as well. I got into cooking and baking by getting married. It sounds silly, but I wanted to eat good food that didn’t cost much. I was tired of pre-boxed foods and desserts that tasted bad. We didn’t have the money to eat at restaurants, so I started learning to cook so we still got that taste. I remember being a young girl making my “Fruit Cobbler” dessert for my family. I strive to use the best ingredients. To make them as healthy as possible. By making mixes, it makes you be able to have the dessert when you want—but still have the yummy taste! Right now its just a hobby. I have 2 little children, and I know that I can’t devote full time with my boys at home.

003. Tell me about your handmade art business: What is your shop’s name? How did your business start? Heaven Baked Sweets. I started by business, because I was baking and giving my desserts to friends and they kept telling me I could sell them.

004. Tell me about your customers: Who is your target audience? What type of people do you consider when creating your art? My target audience is anyone who loves to eat sweets. I was selling pre-baked cookies for a while, and still do upon request, but my life has gotten too hectic for that. I started the mixes, because they’re ready when you are. If you’re in a hurry, you have most everything ready to go for a pretty quick dessert.

005. Tell me where I can find your art: What sites do you sell your product from? Do you write a blog or run a website? Can your product be found in any brick and mortar stores, markets, or bazaars? At this time I have an etsy shop and I have a blog. I’ve been loving writing and supporting other etsy members.

006. Tell me about your support: Are you a member of a team or guild? Do your friends or family help you? Or do you work alone? I have the support of family and friends who love to taste my newest creations. I pretty much work alone, in my spare time raising my kids. I stay up late and make up mixes.

007. Tell me about your favorites: What blogs or websites do you enjoy following? List some of your favorite artists and their shops. Which piece from your shop is your favorite and why? I enjoy may different crafting blogs. I love making pretty much everything handmade. A few are www.howdoesshe.com, http://www.theidearoom.net/, http://www.knock-offwood.com/, and http://www.bakerella.com/.

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